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Featured Unlimited Woman ~ Ramona Beville

We are truly honored and excited that this week's Featured Unlimited Woman is one of our very own contributing writers Ramona Beville. If you have read any of her past articles you know she has a passion to empower women to live their best and highest life by paying more attention to who you are and how you do your day-to-day influences how you experience transformational success. Below, let's find out more about Ramona and who she is as a woman who is also a Life Enhancing Coach!

Question 1: Please tell us a little bit about your business

I love working with successful people, who are ready for their next level of health, abundance or success. My work is based in neuroscience, behavior modeling and positive psychology.

My story begins as a young girl in the hospital, I spent a great deal of time in hospitals and in doctors’ offices. Although, I was exposed to a lot of treatments and tests, I wasn’t getting better. I had learned that east and west had different approaches to treating disease as I lived in Japan and the United States. At 8 years I became curious in my role in accelerating my own healing. I remember being featured on the front of the local paper, lying on a table and with my pajamas wide open. I had an asthma attack and was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance. I could not believe that someone would put that in the paper, on the front page. More importantly I could not see myself that ill, out of control, with chapped lips even – I was ready to step into another version of myself, one that was healthy, joyful and free of ambulance rides, medication, constant shots and limitations.

Question 2: What is your personal and business mission and vision?

My mission is to enjoy life to the fullest and that doesn’t mean just having fun it means having a meaningful and profound impact with people and to help others see themselves in their best light and to reach their potential. I am an advocate for my clients to feel great in their body, to be healthy, successful and confident so they an create the great success and abundance that is their birthright.

Question 3: What motivates you as a woman and feminine entrepreneur?

I used to have a constant internal dialog going with myself that I was not enough and that I could do more and be more. Even though I was successful in many ways, I was plagued with allergies, I was a chronic dieter and I pushed myself into thinking that working hard and pushing and fighting for were the answer to many things.

The thoughts of “I am not enough” plagued me. These were not at the surface but underneath, dictating my every move.

When I began to believe “I can do this, my voice is important, I am valuable,” instead of “I am not good enough, I don't have the resources etc.”, everything changed.

I want people to experience this freedom that is possible when they start to see we really have control of our outcomes even when we think we don’t. Together, we uncover the deep buried thoughts and repeating stories and flip those around and go from anxious to calm. From ineffective and spinning our wheels to being on point, on purpose and driven.

Question 4: Other than deciding to work for yourself, what was the single most important decision you have made for yourself and your business?

To love and to trust myself unconditionally.

So much of what we suffer or endure physically has a psychological beginning. A persistent thought, a constant pushing, even sadness can wear on our confidence and health. First I had to learn to accept myself, not push myself. So even though you ask, what is the single most important decision, it is a decision that I make over and over. I investigate ways and practice getting in touch with that deep part of me that knows how to make decisions, that doesn’t second guess herself and is clear about the path that I am and I knowing that I need my own support.

Question 5: What is the most rewarding aspect of your success?

I like being home with my dog! I love the independence that this entrepreneur’s life provides as well as the endless opportunities to grow. I continually stretch myself and learn and become better at communicating to and connecting with others. There is always something new and interesting that I can discover and always something new to learn. My results depend solely on the effect I have on other people. The people I serve and attract are amazing.

When someone feels better physically and financially, is able to move through life with confidence to the point where they fulfill their purpose and earn great money, and to know I had a hand in that – that is the most gratifying. How could anything be better than that?

Question 6: What strategy do you use to keep your energy and vibration high? First, I don’t take myself so seriously. I stop myself and see where I am taking myself, literally. I have control of my emotions. I have choices to make about how I want to feel. If I find myself going into a reactive response I stop myself. I remind myself of the choices I have. I am a work in progress to be sure but I am embodying the work that I do with my clients. I give them tools to identify patterns and to stop the down spiral.

I also practice self-care. I am very conscious when it comes to what I do for myself. Being a super sensitive person means that everything affects me so I am careful about what I put in my body, who I hang out with, and the thoughts I have.

I call myself the queen of self-care, I take myself on dates, make many foods from scratch, I don’t watch violence on TV. I treat myself well.

Question 7:. Who is your greatest inspiration? Feel free to share several.

I have friends, peers, clients and mentors who are creating their own businesses where they are the brand. This type of entrepreneurship is unlike working for someone, unlike having a business where clients are fed to you, unlike having a job or a store. When someone is successful at attracting people, I know they have done the internal work and are continuing to do it. Those that are sharing themselves with others and are persistent, vulnerable and resilient and are putting out their content into the world, I admire that.

Question 8: How do you deal with set-backs?

As I said earlier, I don’t take myself super seriously. I have a tolerance for things to go this way and that. I spent so many years and so much energy being a control freak and a perfectionist. Now I know, there are no failures only feedback. We can be ourselves and that is enough. We can trust that the universe has our back even when things don’t go our way. if I didn’t get what I wanted, it was because there is something even better right around the corner.

Question 9: How do you define success?

I define success for me as not pushing, fighting or forcing anything. I know we have to be clear about our intentions and sometimes to do what is not comfortable but I don’t make my life about fighting anymore. I make my life about seeking pleasure. The more pleasure I can pack into a day, a week, a month, the better. The calls come in, the opportunities show up, people want to work with me when I am in sync with all that is working well in my life and business. When I am not fighting or resisting those pieces that are not perfect in my life, I allow the best things to happen.

Really if I get out of my own way, things that are better than I can even imagine show up.

Question 10: What do you think is the best way to achieve long-term success or is there a formula?

We are evolving – everything is changing. If we are expecting things to stay the same, we will be disappointed. The formula would then be to go with the flow. To appreciate what is in front of us. To feel peace more often. To figure out what we can contribute and to have the courage to ask for and work towards what we want. Also to be ok when things shift, to keep the faith and to stay on track – even if that track has to change. To remain true to myself and to stand in my value, and to help others do the same, this is success to me.

Question 11: What is your #1 tip to being an unlimited, successful woman and feminine entrepreneur?

We can present our best self, our offerings and our truth and not everyone is going to accept what we offer, that does not take anything away from our value. For some it we will be a great fit and perfect timing. When someone steps up to the plate and says, I am ready to do the work - be there with them, 100 percent, not in an ego driven way that says, I know the answers but in a way that says, we are going to put everything into getting the results that we want. Together, we are going to create this!

Question 12: Describe your typical day as a feminine entrepreneur

I love easing into the morning. My best time for appointments is late morning and in the afternoon. I can do all my computer work and networking outside of those times but I like to see and work with clients in the middle of the day when I feel centered, clear and intuitive.

I am usually done working before dinnertime and take the rest of the evening off to enjoy being outdoors, being with family and relaxing. I go to the beach every weekend.

Question 13: What is your last or current book you read and why?

I am reading four books simultaneously, they are all on the same subject by the same author. mbraining, on cool stuff we can do with our multiple brains. The mbraining workbook and the workbook facilitator’s guide and Loving your life more wondrously. These are actual programs I am in with people all over the world. We meet to discuss the books, and are all on a journey of self-discovery, examining and implementing how to do loving and living on purpose.

Question 14: Do you have a mentor/coach and if so, can you share what areas you are working on (this is optional because it’s personal, but thought we’d ask)

I am involved in generative learning. That means I love working with peers. I am learning to evolve on purpose, be accountable and stay on a trajectory that is beneficial to my family, my clients and for my personal growth and level of success.

Question 15: What is your next “big” project?

I continue to start groups around my programs that I offer in mbraining, loving your life more wondrously and nourishing your soul. I will be holding a retreat for women to gather and to do intensive work, usually my programs span out 6 months to a year. In a retreat we fit a lot into 5 days. We will be busting through self-proclaimed ceilings and whatever stops us from accomplishing peace, happiness, and success.

Question 16: How would you define being unlimited as a woman and feminine entrepreneur?

Really tapping into the US of the universe. We are all one. We all want the same things. We are not colors or races or geographically defined. We influence everything and everything influences us, we are not separate. Life is so much more enjoyable when you see things from this perspective. No one is out to get us or hurt us or take from us and we are free to say yes and no thank you. This is all possible when you believe in your own power and that we are all one.

Question 17: Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

I have had success in the corporate world, I am an artist, I have formal training in being a health coach and working with people on changing their beliefs and habits that run their lives. I have been mentored by some of the top trainers in the mind body space as well as top trainers in NLP and I talk personally with the creator of mbraining as an mBIT coach regularly (which is an extension of NLP). I have space to work with clients that are ready to step into a whole new way of being now and are interested creating health, joy and abundance that is their birthright.

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