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Your New Standard of Normal

You were designed to live life well, free, and abundant. It's in your divine birthright and DNA to experience life abundantly every day but that means you have to make a decision to do it.

With 2018 just around the corner, now is the perfect time to make some powerful decisions on who you want to be, what you desire, and how you are going to live your life and lead your business. One of the decisions we want to invite you to consider is regarding your standard of being and living.

As we reflect on this year, it has been a year of challenges, change, a few setbacks and disappointments. Depending on what you believe, these experiences can often cause us to feel higher levels of anxiety, worry, doubt, resistance, overwhelm, and fear. If not addressed or transformed, such emotions and experiences can hinder our ability to manifesting our deeper goals, dreams, and desires until we make a decision (reach a definite conclusion) to change.

New Standard of Normal

We, at the Unlimited Woman Magazine, believe very strongly, that next year is going to be an amazing year filled with many promises and possibilities that can help us live fuller, richer, and more impactful lives and to do this, it's time for us to create a new way of being and living. However, in order for us to truly experience unlimited success in every area of our life and business, we must understand that old ways of thinking, being, and doing must change.

Despite all the amazing contributions women have already made, there is so much more of us to do when we own our deeper truth, power, wisdom, gifts and abilities. Our greatness can and will influence how we lead, who we lead, and how life is healed and transformed. This, dare I say, requires us to BE more. It's time to change the status quo or how we are living and showing up in life and business.

Here are just a few suggestions to helping you begin to raise your standard of thinking, being, and living (doing) life.

  1. Heal Your Limited Beliefs - your subconscious mind, nor the Universe, knows the difference between reality and what you imagine. What would be possible if you truly believed you were unlimited in all aspects of your life and business? How much would your life changed if you make a decision (reached a definite conclusion) that you were going to be and live life without limitations? What choices would you make if you really knew that your potential and possibilities rested in your belief system? Imagine choosing daily to create a new beliefs that empowered you to be whole, complete, nothing missing or broke everything in abundance and greatness for your highest good. Well that can only happen by making a decision to believe this is YOUR truth.

  2. Focus Your Energy - at this point, most believe that everything is energy. As women, we are forever running from one activity to the next often times leaving us to feel tired, overwhelmed, disconnected, frustrated and broke. That's because we haven't really learned how to focus our energy. True success is 90% energy management and 10% focused action. The more you make managing your energy a priority, the higher your chances are to experience more unlimited success.

  3. Slow Down to Go Fast - in some ways, this makes no real sense, however, there is a great deal of truth in slowing down to connect within, gain insight and wisdom, create a strategic plan and then move forward. Want more clarity in your life? Slow down, learn how to implement mindfulness practice in your life and business. You'll more than likely see higher levels of results. Remember, in the story of the fox and the hare - the hare won!

  4. You Were Note Meant To Do Everything Alone - our highest level of unlimited success happen when we are in relationship with others. As a woman, your greatest power is activated when you are in relationship with other like-minded women. There has never been a more powerful time in our history for women to unite than now globally, economically, in leadership, and in creating new standards of who we are and the impact we can (and do) have on our families, communities, and the world. Make being in relationship with others a priority to your success, whether it's your inner circle, a mastermind group, personal/business coaching, or whatever, allow yourself the space in your life to have regular time to connect to other women. We promise this is elevate your life, wealth, and so much more.

  5. Remember, the "how" of life and business is NOT your problem - The more you learn how to just follow your instincts, live your life based on your truth, follow your goals, dreams, and desires, the faster you'll see that the "how" is not a problem or your problem to focus time and energy on. Our commitment to becoming our highest and best will powerfully aid us in manifesting our dreams and desires. Trust God, Source, Spirit, and the Universe in knowing that totally know what they are doing and your job becomes easy...just BE!

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