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Your New Year’s resolution is going to fail. It is inevitable, and for a very good reason which I will divulge later. First, let’s discuss how you can make 2018 the best year of your life. More specifically, I am going to share the secret to set yourself up for success with your New Year’s resolutions – it’s all about alignment.

Let’s being with some context; when is the beginning of the year? While January 1st is the beginning of the calendar year, it is arbitrary in a cosmic sense. The cosmic new year is the Winter Solstice. This is the darkest day of the year; each day gets a little longer and brighter until we reach the Summer Solstice.

You will see very little activity during this time of the year. While the days are getting longer, warmer and brighter the planet is still dark and cold for most of this season.

This does not mean nothing is going on. This is the time when seeds begin their climb toward the surface world, waiting for the perfect moment to emerge. Bees cluster together for warmth, though you see very little action in the hive. They are constantly in motion, and they waste no energy – every action has a purpose.

Nature offers us a clear blueprint on which to base our actions. This is a time to build confidence, not a time to run full steam ahead. This is a time to take small actions, to lay a foundation upon which you can build. Instead of taking random action that leads to unintended results, you are able to build toward your desired outcome.

As we emerge from the darkness, aligning our actions with the season we begin to calibrate our thoughts, beliefs and actions as we are presented with new information. Each new actions helps us to form new patterns while refining or removing old one. With each action we are able to calibrate ourselves, working toward our desired results.

Activity is not enough to create this evolution, our actions must also be in alignment. Otherwise we just create more busyness, distracting us from our goals. Our activity during this season (and each month during this phase) must be connected first and foremost to ourselves and our purpose. The first three months of the year are the perfect time to focus on YOU!

Now, I did promise to divulge the reason your New Year’s resolutions are doomed to fail. When you set your intention for the year and hit the ground running, you are completely out of alignment with the phase of the year. This also puts you out of alignment with the moon.

The moon is relevant in this conversation because the moon’s phases are a microcosm of the seasons. The four phases tell you how to align your actions; the first phase is Emergence, where you take small, aligned actions to build your foundation. With your resolution, know your intended goal, then START SMALL.

Each small, aligned action brings you closer to your goal. By the time you reach your goal, you will have created something greater than the sum of its parts; an integrated whole that maintains itself. If you want to set a New Year’s resolution that works, make it dynamic and allow it to evolve naturally.

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