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5 A's to Creating Abundance and Freedom in Your Business

Entrepreneurship is so rewarding and can be a path to creating abundance and freedom when you focus on the right things to create momentum.

Here are some mindset tools and practices that keep you moving and attracting more business.

When you experience a problem: approach it with curiosity and ask:

Who would I be without this problem? What if this problem was an opportunity in disguise, how would that look? Using a tip from NLP, say/ask: I know I don't know the solution, but if I did, what would it be?

Here are the 5 A's to creating more abundance and freedom in your business.

Asking. By asking; “what if,” you move from being judgmental to being curious. By being curious, you are open for solutions to present themselves.

Accept where you are. When you are accepting of where you are, you are not in denial. People have the tendency to under value where they are or overshoot and are moving onto a phase of business that they have not laid the groundwork for. Start where you are.

Allow. In entrepreneurship, your path to the top is often paved by connecting and collaborating with other entrepreneurs. Invite people into your business as advisors, clients, joint venture partners and collaborators. Allowing also means you say yes when people invite you into their circle if it’s a good fit.
 Attract. Be magnetic. Be the person that exemplifies your brand. The key to having a great business, besides having a clear message is to have the message be 100 percent in alignment with who you are and what you offer your clients. Are you walking your talk?

Action begets action. Do something to grow your business every day. When you call potential clients and past clients, send out emails or book a talk, you are in action. When you have new people coming into your community to talk to, to welcome, to give gifts to, you are in action. Put in a consistent amount of effort contacting new people to catch the tide of momentum. By taking the right action and focusing on business growth, you will have momentum on our side.

In summary, the 5 A’s to creating abundance and freedom in your business are:

ASK: “How can this be different,” and listen for the answer.

ACCEPT: Know where you are and start there.

ALLOW: Say yes to the universe and doors will open.

ATTRACT: Be magnetic and exemplify what you teach.

ACTION: Focus a part of your day on creating new business.

Be on alert that you are not repeating a story that keeps you stuck. It is the subconscious mind’s job to keep you right where you are. Your subconscious mind plays tricks on you to keep you from changing. There are ways to work around that. If you are telling a story about yourself as to why you are stuck or don’t have the resources to excel you may be getting in your own way. Creating excuses and focusing on activities that are ‘task oriented,’ but not reaching out to others is a trap we sometimes fall in. I’d like to hear how you are doing on each of the 5 A’s and if you are staying on track for creating a life and business full of abundance and freedom.

Reach out to me if you want to discuss what keeps you from applying the 5 A’s and we can get you on the right path.

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