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A New Standard of Living

Unlimited Woman,

It’s time for a change.

In truth, it’s time for you to raise your “standard of living” so much so that it changes your future and legacy.

Technically, the idea of a “standard of living” is referred to as a level of wealth, comfort, material goods, and necessities available to a certain socioeconomic class, in a certain geographic area. This is good and one I hope every woman would allow herself to pursue and obtain. But, what I’m referring to regarding a “new” standard of living has more to do with your beingness than a way of living. However, as your beingness rises, of course that will dramatically influence how you live each and every day.

Without writing a book on this topic, yet, a new standard of being and living means the following:

1. Declaring, “Enough is enough.” It’s time for more women to final admit to herself and declare to the world and universe that, “enough is enough” especially when it comes to fear, self-doubt, hiding, lack, overwhelm, and anything else that no longer serves our higher and greater calling. We were and still are meant to live abundantly, wealthy, in the fullness of who God is. This is our identity, our divine right. It’s in our DNA and until we fully accept this as truth, we struggle – needlessly. This belief system and mindset must become your conviction that you will no longer settle for less within our body, soul, spirit, life, relationship, money, and anything else for that matter as we must (are required) to live fully and allow God and the majesty of the Universe to be seen, and divinely expressed and experienced through our everyday lives. This is truly how we make an impact in the lives of our family, community, and the world. Once you become spiritually, viscerally (your gut), and holistically convinced of this, that’s when manifestation becomes easy.

2. Accepting our big desires. Desires are God’s way of living life in and through us AND our way of being seen, heard, and experienced. Somewhere along our life line, someone or something convinced us that our BIG dreams and desires where wrong, impossible, ridiculous, improbable and unfortunately, that unconsciously caused too many of us to hold back and hide our deeper, truer sense of self beingness and expression. In this denial and resistance, too many of us have become unhappy, unfulfilled, dissatisfied, frustrated, and broke. Somehow, we became ashamed and felt guilty for having BIG dreams and desires. Personally, and maybe from all my work as a psychotherapist, these two emotions outside of fear, are probably the most deadly of emotions anyone, especially a woman, can experience. Until we release, say “enough is enough” of those emotions and move beyond them (which mostly is a choice), then we create vicious cycles of repeated experiences that hinder us from having unlimited success. Time to fully embrace, embody and boldly accept your BIG dreams. Doing so magnetizes your manifestation powers once you choice or decide (reach a definite conclusion) that your BIG desires are God’s way of living and being in and through you, then we transform and heal ourselves and others. DREAM so much BIGGER!

3. Stop doing it alone. Humanity in all its forms, shapes, colors, and differences, was created for and because of relationships. From birth to death, it is your ability to relate (which actually means to “talk” – powerful right?!) to God, the Universe, yourself and others, is the key to unlimited success. It is in our talking ability to share ALL of you that you manifest well. If you choose to accept that you are truly NEVER alone that within and outside of you exists ALL beingness and life, then it becomes easier to draw all things to you. For me, your most crucial relationship that governs your unlimited success in ALL things starts and ends with your relationship with God, Source or Spirit and yourself. Once this is solid (and only you can define and know what that is), then you can more powerfully relate to (talk to) the Universe who is constantly listening and “talking” back to you in reference to what you say (unconsciously and in your body) and consciously. This idea was the hardest one for me to grasp because of childhood pain. Really didn’t viscerally understand it until I lost everything. In loss, you learn to value and appreciate everything. In this place, you see you have ALWAYS had everything you need. Find your community, inner circle, mentor or coach, who will NEVER let you be alone in less than God’s best. This is my greatest spiritual gift and skill and one I actually believe more people have but don’t really know it, yet!

4. NEVER give up. 2018 is going to be a powerful year; however, I also believe it is already requiring us to live in a new way of being and doing. Old ways will no longer work. This heightened level of spiritual and energetic existence requires standards, order, excellence (not perfection), but a betterment in what we believe, how we think and feel, how we behave, treat ourselves and others. Standards means BETTER. It’s time to be BETTER in every sense of the word. I know you sense it because it is become a global consciousness that God and the Universe is requiring of all of us to live in our divine sense of creation – our God and spiritual likeness where nothing is broken or missing, everything whole and complete. THIS IS YOUR TRUTH AND DESTINY!

Although there is so much more I could say about our requirement to “be” at a new standard of living, I think you get the point. Now, it’s up to you to take responsibility to being and doing it, live a new standard of being and life, OR continue to experience what you have been experiencing all your life.

I am convinced that you and I were designed for MORE. I’ve never been more convinced of this truth in my life of this truth than now and you can do live a higher standard of life by:

· Making a decision (reach your definite conclusion) that you will be your unlimited self and live and unlimited life

· Focusing on your spiritual truth, principles, and practices that align you with being your divine spiritual self (nothing broken, mission, whole and complete). Remember you ARE a spiritual being first. Get back to that and your standard of living will automatically rise.

· Finding a community to will lovingly and powerfully hold you accountable to your greatness

· Never settling for less – EVER AGAIN. If it doesn’t feel like life and empowerment, let it go and move on.

· Find your mentor, coach, or guide to teach you to be and live at a higher level than where you are now and then follow their example as it aligns with your values, beliefs, and desires. Remember success leaves clues. Follow the clues – there are undoubtedly ALL around you even now.

· Keep going. Focus on getting to your destiny no matter what and you standards will again – automatically rise.

· Remember, you got this!

· You Are Enough ~ Always Have Been ~ Always Will Be!

To Your Unlimited Success,

Dr. Anita M. Jackson, Publisher,

Your Feminine Success Empire Building Coach

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