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What is it like to work from home? In a word: dreamy!

The freedom to work from home in comfortable clothing and on your own schedule is a dream. When we are working from home, we feel as though we’ve arrived but sometimes, we are faced with a new set of problems.

Comfort is the new norm and you can stay in your pajamas all day.

Our clothing choices get more comfy as the time we stay at home progresses. We go from slacks and jackets and skirts and blouses, to yoga pants and tees.


You guessed it…. get dressed.

Mind you, you don’t have to put on your best blouse, skirt and heels along with your pearls like June Cleaver. But, do get dressed by a certain time daily.

We’re staying still a lot more than our bodies are designed for.

As ‘women in transition’ we go from active, standing, moving, and commuting jobs to sitting. Unless you physically work with clients or you are out seeing clients and networking daily, you are suddenly sitting at the computer all day.


Plan to move everyday and if can move your body outdoors, that is even better.

Nature has a way of replenishing us and helping us get grounded and connected. If you live in less than perfect weather, this may mean you need to go to the mall to walk or go to the gym to get moving. It’s important for piece of mind and for good health to get moving everyday, for at least one half hour.

The kitchen is always open.

You need a shift in mood, a break from one project to the next and you turn to the fridge. Food is a great distraction from all things but not the answer for many.


Know what you crave.

You might be craving real connection, fulfillment in life, financial security. As entrepreneurs and business people working remotely, sometimes we feel lonely. We might be writing to our tribe and at times this can feel like speaking into a black whole. We take time to connect on social media, but social media is not a substitute for real friendships. Do make dates with friends and get out and have fun often.

Should you truly need a snack or meal, have the best food on hand.

Stay hydrated, and stock your fridge with plenty of crunchy veggies and healthy foods.

Also try these ways to change your mood, fill a void and move more:

  • Put on some make-up. That always makes me feel better

  • Use aromatherapy. If you have a diffuser, fill the air with your favorite energizing, balancing, or relaxing scent

  • Have a dance party, sing, clap, put your self into power postures.

  • Set an alarm to stop working every 45 minutes, during your 15 minutes off incorporate some walking, taking the dog out, gardening or stretching.

Try a few of these things and when you find that you love one thing, add it to your routine. In no time, your good intentions will become habits and great results come from great habits over time.

When you are eating the right amount of healthy food and your clothes fit and you move your body and socialize with others, you are more confident and energized to share your dream with others.

Ramona Beville Bio

Ramona is a woman’s leadership coach and facilitator. She combines ancient wisdom with the latest findings in neuroscience, positive psychology, and behavior modeling to facilitate her clients’ ability to increase congruency by matching their beliefs with their desires.

Her unique credentials allow her to work with clients to create a powerful road map to the levels of health, joy and the abundance they deserve. Working with Ramona, you get clearer and more aware of the choices and personal power you have to make a positive difference in your life and the lives of others.

Clients appreciate Ramona's willingness to listen, share and guide them to increase their ability to lead from the heart without judgment. She is excited to facilitate sweeping change for those that are ready

for it today. You can reach her at, and visit her website at

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