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Maintaining Your "Hustle" Maybe Hurting Your Success

"Work smart, Hustle hard."

"The only cure for struggle is to hustle"

"Ridiculous awesome things happen to women who hustle."

"Hustle and heart will set you apart."

It's statements like these that seem innocent and even empowering at first; however, when you slow down enough to evaluate what's really being said, the idea of women hustling to be successful is actually causing more harm than good.

The word "hustle" actually means, "to force someone or something in a hurried manner or direction." If you look a little deeper and you'll find that every woman who has adopted the idea that she has to hustle to be successful, you'll more than likely find a woman tired, frustrated, slightly depressed, overwhelmed, and broke. Why? Glad you asked!

As a scientist and a psychologist, I'm forever "watching" the responses, communication, and interaction of others. I am truly fascinated by human behavior and development. I am even more fascinated with why some women are more successful than others and what I have found over the years has a lot to do with one's belief in themselves. So, the idea of "hustling" doesn't r eally make us feel all too good.

Over the past few years and months within social media, the idea of hustling has really become popular and often time praised as something we should all aspire to accomplish. Hustling is seen as a reward for all our hard work. There seems to be great pride in the fact that you are managing EVERYTHING in your personal life and business. However, what seems to be ignored or maybe misunderstood is that underneath this idea of hustling is the energy and unconscious belief that, "I'm not good enough so I must work harder to prove that I am" and this is the beginning of burn out.

In simple terms, burn out is, "a state of chronic stress that leads to: physical and emotional exhaustion. cynicism and detachment. feelings of ineffectiveness and lack of accomplishment." Read that again and if you honestly look at the idea of hustling, you'll agree that it, hustling that is, is the culprit to why so many women are overwhelmed, frustrated, having increased psychological and physical problems, and are continually struggling with money. In truth, I can't tell you how often I hear women say, "I'm overwhelmed." It's disheartening! So, what can we do about it?

Here are three things you can do to stop the hustle:

First, and this is big, - STOP HUSTLING!

I understand that this may be harder than it sounds because too many of us have already been conditioned, trained, encouraged to live in and be in the hustle everyday. Too many of us have adapted the "masculine" way of being and doing and for a woman, this is probably one of the most destructive mindsets and behaviors to our unlimited success. Believe me I know. I'm the (former) Queen of Hustle, which is why I have accomplished as much as I have (or have I).

Hustle is really not about productivity - it's about being busy. Being busy is a distraction from our deeper purpose or dealing with other truths. Ok, that what they psychologist in me talking.

I personally believe that the number one reason why so many women are overworking themselves is they are not clear about who they are and what they really want in life. Most of our "awarenesses" are superficial rather than spiritual or even visceral (that deep nerve gut knowing). When we are clear about these two aspects of life for ourselves, and we must know this truth at a spiritual, visceral, energetic level, our sense of faith and confidence in who we are rises and leads us in the direction of unlimited success.

Second, get a plan.

I'm shocked how many women (and men) entrepreneurs do not have a strategic plan for their life or business. Actually, I'm alarmed and it makes sense why so many are "hustling" trying to make things works. Without a plan, there is no direction. Jim Rohn says it best, "If you don't design your own life (business) plan, chances are you'll fall into someone else's plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much." Now that's deep!

Having a plan powerfully helps you stay confident in the direction you are heading for your personal life and business. This is probably one of the first exercises I have all my clients complete when working with me. The plan(s) doesn't have to be complicated or long - just clear enough for you to know what you're focusing on for 30 to 90 days at a time. Want more productivity and money in your life and business? Create a strategic plan immediate. And, it's best to have someone help you do it if you have no clue how.

Third, and final point - Accountability

We were not designed to live our lives or run our businesses alone. We were created to have and experience fulfillment, satisfaction, and success when we're in relationship with other people. This is why working with a coach, being in a mastermind, having a mentor, and working with an accountability partner is so powerful...IT WORKS. Currently, I'm offering a Spiritual Wealthy Women Mastermind and each woman is constantly saying, "I've accomplished so much more since I've joined this group than I ever have on my own." Actually two women just shared this yesterday in our group. And, I couldn't agree more. Having someone to witness you, hear your truth, cheer when you success (like get a brand new Jaguar ;) - this happened yesterday for one of my clients. Very exciting and tearful moment ) because others are holding you accountable to your greatness. If it were up to me, I'd require every woman entrepreneur to be in some type of accountability program for at least one year before she can start her business. Her success level would increase tremendously. That's why I'm launching the Unlimited Woman Global Academy in 2018. We need more Unlimited Women to succeed!

Although this list could easily go on, just focus on the above and you'll be on your way to unlimited success, rather than burn out.

Remember, you only have one life to live ~ live it UNLIMITED!

Dr. Anita M. Jackson, Publisher

With a background as a psychotherapist and organizational psychologist for 26 years, Dr. Anita has literally worked with 1000s of women on various issues from self-esteem, PTSD, sexual abuse and trauma, relationships, spirituality, money blocks, visibility, and building a global brand. Her expertise is in helping women overcome the "I'm not good enough" syndrome that prevents women from becoming unlimited in their personal life and business.

Manifesting what you want in life takes clarity, commitment, and aligned daily actions. Need help identifying your next steps for your personal life and/or business, sign up for your private one-on-one Special VIP Intensive here:

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