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Blissful Bedroom Sanctuary

It is important to your health and overall well-being to create a sanctuary in your home. Nowhere is that more important than in your bedroom. The bedroom should be for three things and three things only. Sleep, relaxation and Sex. It should feel like the private space and stress free zone that it is meant to be.

Are you ready to get started?

First, start with how you want your private space to feel. Are you happiest in a cocooned nest, or do you like light, bright and ocean breezes? Do you love romance with sensual colors, lots of fabrics and luxury?

Do you like a very clean fresh organic space that has a Zen feel? Maybe you want to keep that urban, modern and chic look and feel.

Start with the bed. One important thing that I learned when I was staging homes is that the bed is everything. Let it set the stage. If you want a romantic luxurious space you might select a four-poster or canopy bed. If you like a chic, urban feel you might pick the sophistication of black or grey leather or the sleek cool touch of white lacquer. For those of you that want the simple, clean aesthetic of a Zen space you might opt for a simple low wood platform bed or an organic texture like cane or bamboo.

Make sure you have a healthful mattress. This is one of those things you should really shop in person for. Don’t get caught up in the sales hype. Look for organic, toxic free materials. You are having a very intimate relationship with this piece of furniture, right? Make sure it is comfortable and supports you in all of the right places. You will only know this by test driving it. Take your time. Visit a retailer that allows you space to decide and make sure they have a liberal exchange or return policy. You simply may not know if it is a fit until you have given it a true 30-day trial.

Once you have selected your bed, finish it off with beautiful linens. Look for natural fibers here. Beautiful luxurious cottons and bamboo breathe beautifully and feel great against your skin. Sateen sheets are lovely and silky to the touch but it wrinkles, percale is cool and crisp. Decide which feel and look you love. Then, layer it up. Nothing says luxury more than a beautiful loft of duvets, coverlets, shams and feather pillows you can shape to fit you and how you sleep. Remember that luxury hotel you last slept in? Just. Like. That.

What about color? Don’t forget the four walls surrounding your bed. Most people prefer soft, soothing colors in their bedroom, like blues, greens and taupes. But don’t forget that drama can be sensual and soothing too. Dark navy, charcoal and brown can add an element of surprise and act like a cocoon. Or, place a deep color on the headboard wall (it can even replace the headboard if your budget doesn’t allow).

Next, light it up. You may not need an overhead light in your bedroom, but most homes have them. Feel free to add a dimmer switch to keep the mood more intimate. You will want lamps next to the bed for reading, either on the bed-side tables or on the wall. If you have the luxury of a reading area, you will want to make sure to add one there. If you are very light sensitive, you may want to add a black out lining to your drapes, or a black out shade behind your existing drapery.

Make sure you have adequate storage. To keep your bedroom clutter free, determine what your needs are for dressers and bedside tables. They do not need to match, feel free to be creative and make sure they speak to the way you want your room to feel. This is where you can use an old trunk, vintage suitcases, bamboo chests and even small bookcases. Refurbish older pieces with fresh paint and custom knobs.

If you have the luxury of room, add a seating area. This is a place you can retreat to any time you need to recharge. I advise all of my clients to have a space (or two) that they consider a sanctuary. Make it easy to meditate, read, or nap. A chaise or a beautiful chair and an ottoman to stretch out on is perfect. Add a throw and an altar with your favorite pieces that allow you to dream. Add an area rug or sheepskin rug underfoot; something that begs you to curl your toes into.

Now, have a fun time with accessories. Keep them functional and meaningful. Add a green plant for nature and the oxygen it brings to the room, shells from a favorite trip, a candle made with beautiful oils. Add a diffuser and make essential oil blends to purify the air or soothe you to sleep. Lavender is a beautiful choice. This is also a perfect place for photos of your loved ones - maybe the personal photos you would like to keep private. Place a basket or covered box on your bedside table for the small things like glasses to keep them uncluttered. A stack of good books.

Keep electronics out of this space. Good sleep hygiene means relaxing not the extra noise, light, stressful news and stimulations that a television brings into the space. This includes your other electronics as well, including your phone and ipad. At the very least, power them down one hour before bed and store them in another area.

If you are living in a small space and need to live in one room or share your room with a desk/office, do your best to create “zones” to keep them as separate as possible. A drapery or screen can do the trick.

Enjoy your new blissful sanctuary.

Sharon Otness's Bio:

Sharon Otness is the founder of “Design Your Beautiful Life”. She is a certified holistic health counselor, lifestyle director for BellaMia Magazine and interior designer living in Seattle, WA. Her holistic approach to emotional health and wellness allows her to help women of all ages meet the challenges of food, ultimate vitality, and creating a sanctuary in a fast-paced world. Sharon is passionate about supporting clients through depression, anxiety and life transitions so they can discover the balanced and amazing life they were meant to live, full of meaning, love and without self-deprivation or guilt.

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