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Your Journey of Becoming

Every woman is on a journey, this journey is to help her evolve into becoming who she is, and who she was divinely created, called, and destined to be…unlimited. Through twists and turns of her journey, a story merges that influences her perceptions, beliefs, and behaviors as to who she is and how she shows up and lives her life and leads her business. Within the pages of her story are many lessons, gems of truth that if learned can powerfully empower her to step into her next level of outrageous success in her personal life and business. Unfortunately, too many women are overworked, overwhelmed, unhappy, and unfilled to even take the necessary time to “learn” the lessons of her life, which often prevents women from fully stepping into her divine and sacred feminine power.

However, there is good news. There is an awakening taking place, a calling to all women from God, the Divine Feminine, our universal life that desires to acknowledge and validate the necessity and power of a woman sharing her power, wisdom and abilities that heals and transforms herself, her family, her community and the world. How exciting is this! This calling, however, requires us to fully know that we are enough, that who we are and what we have to offer deeply matters. As women, our willingness to make a deep internal commitment to allowing our feminine essence and power to be seen and experienced is the key to experiencing life more abundantly and authentically while increasing our overall capacity to serve at a greater level.

So, my question to you is this. Are you learning your lessons along your journey?

Believe it or not, your most powerful lessons to being and experiencing unlimited and outrageous success rests in your childhood and young adulthood. It’s during these times that your perceptions, beliefs, mindset and viewpoints (of God, yourself and the world) were formed and conditioned in a way that influenced your subconscious mind in how you are currently living your life now.

By not learning from your past, you create a life of repeated experiences, patterns of struggle, lack, and prolonged suffering with moments of brief happiness and success only to cycle back to what the subconscious mind believes is true, even if negative. Yet, there is still really good news. The good news is learning from your past, changes your future.

During challenging times, stop the busyness of life and take a few moments to connect to your divine feminine spirit whether through meditation, walks in nature, listening to music, getting a massage, connect to other likeminded women or better yet, sit in silence and actually listen to God within. There is an art to listening to and hearing from your divine feminine spirit. It requires recognizing the importance of being still as well as having the willingness to be still. In addition, it requires learning how to quiet the mind, releasing all things that no longer serve you now, and then listening again.

Once you have heard from your divine feminine self, then the task becomes creating movement - taking some type of action. Once action has been taken, then it is time to once again connect to your divine feminine self. In doing this cycle of listening and connecting, you powerfully utilize the balance of feminine and masculine energy. When a woman is balanced, she tends to feel more grounded, secure, and safe. From this place of safety, a woman becomes more open to receiving the flow of abundance allowing her to experience more outrageous success.

May this coming week be about your commitment to connecting to your divine feminine self so that as you prepare for 2017, you can confidently step into your next level of unlimited and outrageous success with ease and power.

Would love to hear how you are doing on your own journey of becoming.

Stay tuned for my upcoming Mastering Your Feminine Excellence for Unlimited Success in 2017.

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