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Featured Unlimited Woman ~ Debbie Belnavis-Brimble

We are super excited and honored about this week's Featured Unlimited Woman, Debbie Belnavis, Founder and CEO of Inner Brilliance Academy.

With her beautiful British accent, infectious smile, and heart of gold, we knew we wanted to have Debbie grace our cover this week.

In this interview with Dr Anita, we asked Debbie to share a little more about who she is as an Unlimited Woman and we think you'll enjoy her responses.

Debbie has a passion and is on a mission to mentor and support women worldwide in learning how to "embrace their inner brilliance by living a fulfilling life of purpose, with passion and appreciating the infinite possibilities available to them."

Question 1: Please tell us a little about you and your business

I am a woman of brilliance like you, who juggles multiple roles - wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend and business woman. Being the second of four daughters comes with its own responsibilities and lessons. I grew up in Jamaica after my parents returned from England in the late 1970s. I grew up on one of the most magical places on the planet, where I gained most of my values and beliefs. I now live in England as I seek my next adventure.

When I am not developing my business, I am the Mom of an amazing 3 year old boy who is my reason for doing what I do. As you can imagine, life with a toddler is full of laughter, exciting adventures and so much fun, plus a few tantrums thrown in for good measure.

When I’m not having adventures with the men in my life – Simon and Jaiden, I spend my time filling up my cup further by spending time with family, going out with friends, having my weekly massage or facial or reading personal development books to feed my thirst for knowledge.

Question 2: What is your personal and business mission and vision?

My personal mission is to live my life as an example to other brilliant women, expressing my true authenticity in all that I do. Inspiring women around the world to identify, accept, embrace, nurture and love who she truly is and to live a life of purpose, doing what she is passionate about and knowing that she has infinite possibilities available to her.

The mission of my business is to inspire women who have decided to take back control of their lives by teaching and guiding them through my processes of embracing their true brilliance and loving who they are. To inspire women to be leaders of their lives and empower the future leaders they are nurturing. To support women in knowing that she can be who she wants to be, do what she wants to do and reinvent herself whenever she likes without limitations.

I have a vision of teaching love for oneself in order to infect the globe with eternal love one person at a time.

Question 3: What motivates you as a woman and feminine entrepreneur?

My motivation changes based on what is happening in the world and around me. Right now, I am motivated by all the hate in the world. I am a nurturer at heart and my heart weeps daily by all the hurt being experienced around the world. Knowing that what I do allows me to share my gifts to so many on an global scale and impact thousands. My work impacts not just my clients, but also anyone in their world as they show others how they life their lives by embracing their true brilliance and loving themselves unconditionally which causes a domino effect.

Question 4: Other than deciding to work for yourself, what was the single most important decision you have made for yourself and your business?

To share my story with the world. Like so many women, I have a powerful message to be shared which will inspire other women who are along a similar path to heal and take their empowered steps to achieving and living the life they truly deserve. I am currently in the process of writing my book ‘Embracing My Brilliance and Owning it!’ due to be published in early 2018.

Question 5: What is the most rewarding aspect of your success?

Witnesses some of the amazing transformations that my clients have had, once they make the decision to take back full control of their life and lead the life they truly deserve to live shining like the precious gems that they are. We all entered this world as brilliant beings. Just look at babies and young children. There is so much to learn from them. Some of the powerful transformations have led to clients:

  • Starting their own business and having their first paying clients;

  • Stepping away from their 9-5 jobs;

  • Ending toxic relationships;

  • Changing careers or gaining promotions;

  • Giving themselves permission to prioritize themselves

  • Identifying their purpose

Ultimately, seeing someone set into their Big Me – a version of themselves where they have endless possibilities is amazing to see. I’m living my purpose.

Question 6: What strategy do you use to keep your energy and vibration high?

Like all women, my energy dips throughout the month, sometimes even during the day and now that I am over 40, I need every support in maintaining a balance in my hormones possible. My strategy includes a series of:

  • Meditation and prayer – my daily practice each morning and evening.

  • Using essential oils – my favorites are Bergamot, Lavender and Peppermint

  • Using crystals for healing energies – I never leave home without them. You don’t see me very far from my rose quarts.

  • Journaling things that I am grateful for in my life, as well as my thoughts and reviewing my day

As well as a host of other practices weekly and monthly

Question 7: Who is your greatest inspiration? Feel free to share several

My greatest inspiration has to be the main matriarchal figures in my life, my Mother and my maternal Grandmother. Seeing the challenges my Mother dealt with in her life and marriage and the sacrifices that she made for her daughters gave me my greatest lessons. Then my grandparents through my Grandmother guidance showed me the model of a marriage that I knew that I wanted in my life. There’s is a love so pure with so much fun added. They taught me true respect for your partner for life.

Then there is my all-time favourite singer, Tina Turner. Her powerful story of leaving an abusive marriage with nothing but her name gave me a new model of strength in my teenage years.

All three women taught me valuable messages of courage, inner strength, love for themselves and others and what a brilliant woman looks like.

Question 8: How do you deal with setbacks?

Setbacks are the Universes way of communicating to us. When there is a delay or set back, I thank God for the insight I am about to learn.

I then go into a discovery mindset, looking within to find out what are the lessons I need to learn from the situation. Then I identify what possibilities are available to me and decide on what empowered actions I need to take and take them. I just stay in the loop until all my questions are answered.

Question 9: How do you define success?

In relation to an individual’s success, success is doing something that you are passionate about daily and living a life where you are initiating your purpose sharing your God given talents with the world, knowing that there are infinite possibilities available always.

Ultimately, success is all about freedom. The freedom to have a go, the freedom of choice, the freedom to learn from where you are coming from, the freedom to accept. I don’t believe in mistakes, I believe that we all have lessons to learn and it’s about what we can grasp from the experiences we have had. When we feel free, we have achieved our success.

Question 10: What do you think is the best way to achieve long-term success or is there a formula?

The formula I use for my own personal long-term visions and use with my clients is:

  • Have a clear vision.

  • Know and understand why you want to achieve your vision.

  • Stay focused by practicing daily rituals.

  • Have undeniable belief in God and yourself that your vision is achievable.

  • Know that everything that you desire is already in your world.

  • Carry out a daily action to achieve your goal.

  • Never give up!

I create so many big visions that I follow this process in everything I do. The biggest goal I have been working on for the last 4 years is so close, it is almost my reality. That’s for another time.

Question 11: What is your #1 tip to being an unlimited, successful woman and feminine entrepreneur?

Fill your cup up daily to ensure that you can fill others up from your overflow. As women, we have multiple roles and we give to everyone and often forget to give to ourselves. I often remind clients that if they are not able to deliver the care they currently provide for their loved ones, who will do it for them? Spoil yourself, give yourself time out to do what you love – meditate, lunch with your girlfriends, have a break, get a massage, go for a walk, read a book, whatever fills you up – do it!

Question 12: Describe your typical day as a feminine entrepreneur

My days vary so much and that’s why I love what I do. It’s about having the freedom of choice and not having to stick to a rigid schedule. I do most of my work from home and as I have a number of projects on the go, I ensure that I have daily rituals to keep me focused. Every day, I start my day with my usual routine of prayer and meditation, exercise and journaling followed by breakfast.

Throughout the day, whether I am writing, speaking with clients, meeting with colleagues about different collaborations or creating content for my online programs, blog posts or newsletters, I have frequent breaks to either spend some time outside just grounding myself. If it’s a sunny day, I even go out for a walk in the park. Some days, if I have calls in the evenings, particular for clients in different time zones, I have a more easy-going day and spend as much time filling up my cup whether its, talking to family and friends, going out for lunch and a walk in the park, virtually or over the phone.

Question 13: What is your last or current book you read and why?

I am always juggling several audio books at a time. I listen to audio books as it makes it easier for me to absorb knowledge this way. I am intrigued by the journey and tools shared by Lisa Nichols in ‘Abundance Now’ and also the strategies that are within ‘The Code of the Extraordinary Mind’ by Vishen Lakhiani. Two amazing books I highly recommend.

Question 14: Do you have a mentor/coach and if so, can you share what areas you are working on

Of course, as a Coach and Mentor myself, I know the value of investing in myself. I practice what I preach daily. I am currently involved in two mentoring programs, which are both masterminds with one on one time with my mentors. When women come together, a powerful energy is released which is unstoppable.

One is all about my ongoing goals and me and the other is about stepping my business up to the next level and moving my business into a multi 6 figure business within the next 12 months.

Question 15: What is your next “big” project?

WOW, there are so many of them! The one that I am most excited about however is that I am launching a series of online coaching programs through The Inner Brilliance Academy, which will enable me to impact the lives of thousands of women worldwide. There is only one of me and there are only 24 hours in the day, so by introducing online programs even more women can rediscover their brilliance and embrace who they truly are again.

Question 16: How would you define being unlimited as a woman and feminine entrepreneur?

An unlimited woman is a woman who has belief in God first and then in herself. Her self-belief and self-love is unwavering. She knows that she is living the best vision of her life right now and that there are infinite possibilities awaiting her. She never stops because her love of living a life of purpose and passion is above non-other. She is living her freedom, doing what she wants, when she wants with whom she desires. Her heart is warmed every day and she puts herself first. From a place of filling up her own cup first in order to fill everyone else’s from her overflow.

Question 17: Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

We all entered this world as brilliant beings – powerful, creative, passionate, loving ourselves, courageous, and then something changed. We can regain that inner brilliance by buffing ourselves off to bath in our shine, just like precious gems. Everyone loves to see your sparkle!


Join us in congratulating and welcoming Debbie as she has joined Dr. Anita as a Success Sponsor and Coach as part of the Unlimited Woman Lifestyle & Business Online Membership Network ( offering a virtual Gathering Circle titled, Inner Brilliance where she will be offering monthly virtual masterclass training more women to experience higher levels of success.

Stay tuned as Debbie will be offering more of her wisdom as one of our Featured Expert Writers. Visit here often for updates.

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