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Three Things You Need to do To Show Up as a Leader at Network Events

As an entrepreneur, you know how important it is to attend various network events in order to share your business, attract clients, and make an impact with your programs, products, and services

Here are just a few steps to help you stand out as a leader at your next networking event.

Number 1. Be Ready to Serve.

One of the most powerful ways to attract clients to our business is to be ready to serve at all times. If we are constantly showing up as “energy vampires” taking and instead of giving, we block our ability to attract in our ideal clients and be of service to them.

Older models in business have proven to be more masculine, bold, and aggressive, designed only for one reason – to conquer the sale. This is more competitive in nature, where “going after it” is rewarded. However, in newer leadership models where the “feminine edge” is recognized, our interests are in collaboration and connecting, which takes a bit more time and finesse. This is what makes networking at “female only” events much more powerful than networking with mixed groups.

Number 2. Share Your Compelling Story

To develop yourself as an effective ambassador for your company, you must take the time to develop your story and you can do that by:

  • Sharing where you were, where you are, and where you are going in your business

  • Share the why and what you do that is so important to you

  • Share your life-changing revelation that helped you find a solution to sharing your business now

When these three points are done in context, there is a deeper connection.

Number 3. Ask others about their interests and wholeheartedly listen to them

As a savvy businessperson, master the art of active listening. Active listening is the key to helping you heard attendees and have attendees feel heard by you. In this act, they will remember you asking them about what they are passionate about, what kinds of problems they may solve, etc. Why? Because you asked and listened. The exchange process in getting to know someone can powerfully help you determine if further connection is possible.

American businessmen and women would advance greatly if they adopted the Japanese culture of doing business. It is said that when the Japanese exchange business cards, they hold their bodies and business their cards in a certain manner that projects high etiquette, cultural ritual, and respect. First, there is a deep and respectful bow, then there is the holding of a business card in both hands offered as a gift. Cards are exchange with the highest ranking person giving or taking the card first, then for the remainder of the conversation, the card must be visible at all time. Imagine being seen, heard, and acknowledged in who you are as a businessperson.

These are just simple suggestions, but if understood and utilize, they can make a powerful impression on others positioning you as a leader in any industry.

Ramona Beville Bio

Ramona is a woman’s leadership coach and facilitator. She combines ancient wisdom

with the latest findings in neuroscience, positive psychology, and behavior modeling to

facilitate her clients’ ability to increase congruency by matching their beliefs with their


Her unique credentials allow her to work with clients to create a powerful road

map to the levels of health, joy and the abundance they deserve. Working with Ramona,

you get clearer and more aware of the choices and personal power you have to make a

positive difference in your life and the lives of others.

Clients appreciate Ramona's willingness to listen, share and guide them to increase their ability to lead from the heart without judgment. She is excited to facilitate sweeping change for those that are ready

for it today. You can reach her at, and visit her website at

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