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Meet Our September 5th Featured Unlimited Woman ~ Beverly Kyer

We are super excited and honored to introduce you to our first Featured Unlimited Woman issue. Our intention in featuring various women is to inspire and empower more women to allow themselves to be heard, seen, and celebrated in how they show up in life and make an impact in their brand, message, and business.

In this issue, we want to introduce you to Beverly Kyer of The Kyer Group Corporation.

Beverly and I first met at a speakers event in San Francisco and we immediately connected on so many levels that since then we have become amazing friends, sisters, and colleagues. With a common background in mental health, and personally knowing first hand the profound challenges that many practitioners and caregivers go through in this field, I thought it necessary that we interview Beverly and share a little bit about who she is, what she does in her business, and how you can work with her.

When you first meet Beverly, you instantly feel that you are safe. Safe to share yourself, safe to explore whatever issues you may be experiencing, and safe to heal. This is such a powerful and beautiful gift to have when working with those who serve to heal others. Beverly is truly the healer's healer. In a recent interview with Beverly, I found out a little more about who she is and I know you'll enjoy meeting her and much as I love having her in my life and in upcoming joint business ventures. Please meet Beverly!

Question 1: Please tell us a little about you and your business

I love music, good books, movies, pixelated puzzles, spider solitaire, waterfalls, comedy, good food, and beverages. I love being with friends who laugh a lot and enjoy great stimulating conversations. I am a woman of very strong faith with a trusting, joyous and abiding relationship with the Holy Trinity.

My business which involves extensive travel for trainings, support groups, debriefing clinics and coaching is established to help those who help others

Question 2: What is your personal and business mission and vision?

My personal mission is to structurally design and operate my business to create a life style of my choice. I no longer think having a career is the same as having a life. My life design is me. My career is what I do.

My company mission is to help the Helper, who in a professional or personal capacity helps those who are suffering, victimized or traumatized. But, who by the nature of their work and caregiving are at high risk for Compassion Fatigue Syndrome. We help the Helper maintain their own emotional and physical health.

Our vision is to help build a knowledgeable cadre of trauma informed Human Service Providers and Caregivers armed with Self-Care techniques and strategies to mitigate and prevent the worst aspects of Compassion Fatigue while continuing to provide support, empathy and compassion to children, youth and adults who are dealing with or healing from troubling, life threatening or traumatic experiences.

Question 3: What motivates you as a woman and feminine entrepreneur?

Knowing and actually seeing that my service makes a difference in the lives of people. Being blessed with the knowledge, strength and power to drive the direction of my life. It is God’s design, however, that was revealed to me along with the knowledge that I get to live and flourish in my purpose without limitations. Every obstacle teaches me something and affirms that I am an overcomer and achiever. Every step; every piece of progress I make, inspires me to keep on.

Question 4: Other than deciding to work for yourself, what was the single most important decision you have made for yourself and your business?

To engage my support system to help me remember to take care of myself all the more given the stress inherent in the mission I am on.
I asked for help to save me from myself. I have since learned to be okay with saying no when I need to preserve the time for my own restoration and self-care needs.

Question 5: What is the most rewarding aspect of your success?

Making a positive difference in the lives of compassionate, giving, helpful people.

Question 6: What strategy do you use to keep your energy and vibration high?

I pray and ask for the anointing of the Holy Spirit before I address any and all of my customers.

Question 7: Who is your greatest inspiration?

Knowing without a doubt that God has given me, gifted me, and equipped me to do this extraordinary mission to help those who help others.

I am also greatly inspired by my birth Father who both sustained and elevated our family during very difficult times by being in business for himself in addition to a full-time night job as a railroad porter. He was a very gifted commercial artist who always had money even during the many times the railroad was on strike. In so many ways, we showed me that the sky was my only limit. And, even the sky is limitless.

Question 8: How do you deal with set-backs?

Step back and take stock of what happened; Most important , I ask what is it I am supposed to learn here. There are always lessons in difficult situations or disappointments. I don’t ask why is this happening to me? I ask what am I to do different or better going forward.

Question 9: How do you define success? Working on the assignment of your choice and also enjoying the life I designed.

Question 10: What do you think is the best way to achieve long-term success or is there a formula?

Meet the needs of your customers. Serve them with integrity, diligence, and compassion. Also, to periodically re-evaluate my life. To ask oneself, “Is what I’m doing and whom I am doing it with serving the best interest of my life’s purpose and my well-being?” If not I am always choosing to make a shift.

Question 11: What is your #1 tip to being an unlimited, successful woman and feminine entrepreneur?

Being clear about and operating in your purpose. I thoroughly enjoy working with service providers and caregiver during my speaking engagements and group support sessions. This is not a job for me. My mission and calling is a choice that I have gratefully accepted.

Question 12: Describe your typical day as a feminine entrepreneur

There are no typical days. Each day I am in a different city, county or state working with new groups of people. I use different modes of transportation and I have unique schedules AM/PM/Midday for my service delivery. When home in my office which is rare, I work on various administrative responsibilities; modifying or new training curricular; mentoring; conference calls.

I do my best work early in the morning when I am sharpest and receiving mental down loads from the Spirit of God

Question 13: What is your last or current book you read and why?

“The Prayer of Jabez”by Bruce Wilkinson. I too am asking God to increase my territory and I am expecting Him to do just that.

Question 14: What is your next “big” project?

Currently, we are working on The Kyer Group Compassion Fatigue Certification program.

Beverly Kyer, MSW, CSW, ACSW Beverly has been a Public Speaker, Educator and an Author for more than 36 years with specialties in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder; the Trauma Impact on Brain Development, Behavior and Learning in Children, and Adults, and Compassion Fatigue, AKA Secondary or Vicarious Trauma.

Beverly has served as the EAP Employee Assistance Program Coordinator, and the Assistant Chief of Social Work Services, Bronx N.Y. Veteran’s Administration Medical Center. She has served several years working Military Veterans, and next with children and families receiving medical & psychiatric care, and those in Juvenile Justice and the Foster Care Systems. Beverly is a Certified Compassion Fatigue Specialist, and is the Founder and CEO of The Kyer Group Corporation, a team of compassionate Trauma Informed Specialists, who help those in the Helping Professions and Family Caregivers.

Beverly travels throughout the country with a mission is to educate, inspire and support recovery, resilience, capacity, effectiveness and determination for Professional Service Providers, and Family Caregivers to the physically and mentally challenged; the victimized, traumatized and most vulnerable in society; our children.

Roles in her career include: Trainer/Educator, Readjustment Counseling Therapist, Psychiatric and Medical Social Worker, Social Work Field Placement Supervisor for Columbia University, Health Care Program Coordinator, Social Work Supervisor and Grief & Loss and Trauma Informed Educator, Counselor, Coach and Consultant. Beverly has joined UC Davis Extension, Fresno State, and San Diego State University as an Instructor.

Beverly Authored two books about secondary and vicarious trauma in Service providers and Caregivers. Her participatory training style creates an interactive and collaborative learning environment focused towards seeking answers and promoting Self-Care via her Healthy Workplace Initiative.

Beverly Kyer's Contact Information

The Kyer Group Corporation * Bay Point California * * Office: 925-709-3300 * Mobile: 925-285-9155

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