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Are You Positioned To Receive?

Unlimited Woman, This is a little long, but may you be truly inspired! This past year, something amazing happened to me...I learned how to truly receive. For those of us who have gone through a few things in our life such as betrayals, extreme disappointments or any type of abuse, trusting others and allowing ourselves to receive anything can be difficult, even if we desperately want to. Often times, and unconsciously, we will sabotage our ability to receive because of fear, self-abandonment, feeling unworthy, the list goes on. However, if you can learn to position yourself to receive, you may begin to experience a huge breakthrough in your personal life and in your business. So, how do we position ourselves to receive? Well, let me start by sharing what happened to me. Over the past few months, almost every morning, I needed to go to a local tire store to have my tires, especially my right front tire, filled with air. Each time one of the service men filled my tired, he stated that I needed new tires because they were "in extremely poor condition and dangerous" but unfortunately, I just wasn't in a position to financially purchase them. Well, like clockwork, I went to the store for air on Wednesday but this time, something different happened. I remember praying as I was driving into the service stall, "God you know I need tires and I would like them by next week. I trust you to meet my need.” I prayed a little more and then let go. Now, for those of you who may not know me, I'm very left brain...always thinking, trying to figure out things, always hustling to make "things" work. It's a gift and a huge distraction at the same time (I refuse to call it a curse). Because I'm very analytic and strategic, the biggest lessons I've learned this year is how to let go, surrender, and trust that I am supported by God because I am not the source but a vessel, conduit for Source to move in me and through me. Trust me, this was a hard lesson to learn. However, once I did (and am continuing to do so), this is what happened. While waiting to receive air in my tires, the Service Manager asked to speak with me. He walks me around the front of my car and says, "Miss you really need to get new tires. Your tires are dangerous now. See this (he showed me that on the inside of the tire was shredding), this is extremely dangerous. I don't know how you're driving on these now." Of course again, I tell him I'm unable to purchase them until next week and that I had (by faith) scheduled an appointment for next Saturday to purchase at least one tire, maybe two. He immediately said, "In good conscious, I can't let you leave here with tires like these. Let's put new ones on the front of the car because your back ones are good. You can pay me next week when you come in." Stunned, I stood there staring at him not really sure I heard what he said. I asked him to repeat himself and yep, he said it again. "I wouldn't want my wife driving around with tires like this and I know the company would want you to be safe too so let's put new tires on your car and you can just pay me next week.” He walks away, and I cried. Now, there is SO much more to this story because I have a very strong history and wound regarding receiving, however, 2016 has really helped me learn how crucial receiving is to being a woman, being called to making a global impact, and operating from the feminine spirit of who we are in our divinity. Then yesterday...another prayer request came forward...I received my sales and marketing team. Since my last event in October, it became abundantly clear that I needed my full team in order to help me operate my business in excellence and provide a higher level of value and services to my clients and women worldwide. I finally understood that having a team that operated in their genius would allow me to operate in mine. So I started to pray for a community builder, an event production team, a really strong sales and marketing team and a personal part-time assistant. Well, over the past few weeks, I have been blessed in being able to attract in my right team for each service area within my business. As of today, I have hired on my sales and marketing team. WOO HOO! It feels SO good to feel and be support and know that this part of my business will now be handled by a team of individuals who understand my vision, my purpose, my passion, and my intention to make a global impact. So here's how I learned to position myself to receiving my team and what we will be able to manifest together: Step #1: Remember Your Divinity - I had to be reminded over and over again through various circumstances that I am a spiritual being and in this truth all my needs, wants and desires are already met. This became my mantra and focus to helping me call in what I want. Step #2: Remember You Are NOT Source - When you are gifted or have a very strong ability to make things happen, you can get caught up in the unconscious idea that "you" can make everything happen ultimately making you believe you are the source of your success. I had to be reminded of this the hard way by experiencing several losses, freeze (things placed on hold), deaths, and heartaches to remind me that I'm the "contribution," the conduit, the catalyst, the vessel in how God moves in and through me. Step #3: Remember To Surrender - Remembering to surrender often (daily) is helping me remember that I'm not source. As I continue to learn to let go or detach from ridged expectations (which comes from unconsciously living in "survival mode")

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