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Who We Are!

Who We Are!

Power HER Success Alliance exists for the purpose of becoming the #1 women's personal and professional development and empowerment partner in mentoring and training women to live, create, and experience their own personal power that enables them to become impactful in life, business, wealth, and so much more.

Introducing Our Corporate Seminar Services!

Our Corporate Seminar Services division provides individual and organizational holistic development, educational, and coaching services that advocate soft skills as the new power skills.

At the Alliance, we provide solutions that strategically advocate for women in corporations and businesses to achieve excellence and unlimited success in a complex and competitive world through a broad range of leadership and management knowledge, skills, tools, seminars, and coaching packages.

Soft skills are the new power skills!

Our team of corporate trainers, consultants, and coaches has several years of experience working in the area of personal and professional success mastery. We know firsthand the necessity and power of offering ongoing training to ALL levels of management within any corporation.

We are passionate, dedicated, and committed to providing your corporation with the highest level of excellence and services that ensures increased retention, peak performance, and productivity from all your employees, promising a high return on all your investments for years to come.

Our trainers have worked at major corporations in telecommunication, banking, financial advising, mental health and wellness, and insurance, providing their expertise and services to help employees excel in their overall success development ultimately ensuring increased performance, engagement, and productivity.

In addition to our numerous seminars, we also provide virtual and engaging Lunch and Learn Services offered by our master trainers, individual and group coaching sessions, and a holistic and robust Employee Assistance Program to support organizational and employee wellness, retention, performance, and engagement.

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List of Our Seminars

Core seminars and key training sessions:

  • Assertiveness Skills for Women

  • Power Communication & Listening Skills

  • How to Handle Work/Life Harmony

  • Feminine Professional Development

  • Stress and Time Management

  • Effectively Manage Anxiety at Work

  • Improve Workplace Diversity & Inclusion

Key Training Sessions

  • Enhance Performance and Productivity with DISC Assessment

  • Power Expert Customer Care Training

Lunch and Learn Sessions

Our Lunch and Learn Services can range from 20 to 45 minutes of training or presentation on a topic that best supports your organizational needs. These sessions are offered live or virtually by one of our corporate trainers during a designated lunch hour.

Lunch and Learn sessions are an easy way to develop and motivate employees while creating a workplace of communication, collaboration, and learning. The session may also cover important issues and promote an open platform of information for employees. 

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Employee Assistance Program Services

Our #1 goal for our EAP services is to provide corporations and their employees with the support, tools, and resources that they need to improve their holistic personal and professional mental health that dynamically impacts their work/life harmony. This also includes improving employee productivity and engagement, reducing costs related to employee turnover as well as reducing absenteeism.



  • Executive Management Individual Coaching Services

  • Individual and Group Coaching Services

  • Lifestyle Wellness Support (personal plans and goals support)

  • Clinical Counseling Services (under development - Fall 2022)

  • Continuing Education and Professional Education Units (launch Fall 2022) Work-Life Harmony Solutions

  • Financial Wellness Services

  • Grief and Bereavement Support

  • Power Success Digital Resources (videos, audios, and guides)

  • Personal and professional seminar training

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Our Philosophy and 365 Life Success Mastery Plan

Our philosophy at the Alliance is that when a woman is confident, empowered, and has access to amazing resources and support, she will powerfully transform herself, her family, her community, and the world. This is why, at the core, the Alliance exists... to mentor and train women to access their power and make a much BIGGER impact with their gifts, talents, and skills. 

Introducing our 365 Life Success Mastery Plan

Having your employees attend any one of the seminars we offer is great, however, having the ability to help them integrate what they learn from our seminars for immediate and consistent improvement and success is KEY!

We help your employees become their best so that they can perform at their best.

Our 365 Life Success Mastery Plan is our holistic weekly approach to offering curated materials by our executive and master trainers.


Through our mobile app as part of this option, we offer weekly videos, audios, podcasts, ebooks, training programs, and so much more to help your employees stay focused and intentional about their ongoing personal and professional development and success mastery.

As part of the 365 Life Success Mastery Plan, we can also include Success Accountability Coaching sessions. Small groups of six to 10 employees will be assigned to one of our Success Accountability Coaches for monthly 30-min group and individual accountability follow-up sessions. These sessions are powerful and yield fast-track results for any participant.

To find out more about how you can receive this service for your corporation, please leave your information below requesting this service, and someone from our sales team will contract you as soon as possible.

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