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Brand Speaker Virtual
Summit Services

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Powered By Power HER Success Alliance

Virtual events have become one of the hottest marketing trends for small businesses that is not going away. If anything, hosting virtual summits is one of the smartest activities you can build within your business, especially if you believe you are called to speak to the masses!  

For clarification purposes, let's explain what a virtual summit is.

A virtual summit is an online/digital event that strategically brings together brands, business leaders, industry experts, and speakers for the purpose of discussing a particular topic.

Hosting your own virtual summit can powerfully create an opportunity to position yourself and your brand as a top-of-mind service and experience for your audience!

Power HER Success Alliance with Dr. Anita is proud to present our newest services to up-and-coming new feminine influencers - Brand Speaker Virtual Summit Services designed to help you be seen as an expert with and in your industry with your core signature message. 

At the Alliance, we strongly believe that feminine collaboration is the new domination and that hosting your own virtual summit is a dynamic way to demonstrate this truth!

Virtual Team Meeting

Why Host Your Own Virtual Summit?

There are multiple reasons you want to host your own virtual summit for your brand and business. Here are just a few:

  • Positioning that also helps your brand stay-top-of-mind to your audience and that of your speakers

  • Establishes you as a new thought leader within your message and market

  • Collaborative marketing brings together an audience looking for your expertise

  • Builds your email list with higher-quality leads

  • Create evergreen products you can leverage for years as part of your business

  • Launch a YouTube Channel or podcast using the audio recordings

  • Demonstrates your power and expertise as a host and a speaker

  • Invites other brands/businesses to consider you for their speaking opportunities

  • Create an additional stream of income through speaker applications, ticket sales, backend offers, and sponsorships


Powered by the Power HER Success Alliance service team with Dr. Anita as your mentor, you will have an entire team support system helping you create, launch, and produce a powerful brand virtual summit that brings forth your next level of success. 

We have created two virtual summit service packages for you to choose from in helping you launch your event within six months to one year. Our packages are the Brand Speaker Summit Launcher Package and The Ultimate Brand Summit Package. Let's quickly talk about each one.

The Brand Speaker Summit Launcher Package is best for entrepreneurs, speakers, and coaches who are new to the event world and want to produce a meaningful, impactful, and manageable virtual event. This package is usually for hosts looking to interview 10 to 15 speakers.

The Ultimate Brand Summit Package is usually for an established brand wanting to uplevel its brand presence in order to become a stronger new-thought leader and influencer. 

More specifically, both packages offer additional advantages to help you continue to build your brand presence to attract more clients, build your own community, and create joint ventures with other power leaders supporting your continued influence and impact with your core signature message.

Brand Speaker 
Summit Launcher

  • Virtual Summit Support Team

    • Dr. Anita as a guide and mentor​

    • Summit team

      • Event Intention​

      • Event Theme or core message

      • Speaker Selection (10 to 15)

      • Sponsor

    • Summit Manager and Event

      • Manages your speakers, materials, and scheduled interviews​

      • Day of event support 

  • Summit Funnel Design Team​

    • We will use our funnel system

    • Registration page

    • Host Thank You page

    • Speaker Free Gifts page

    • Event auto-email sequence

    • Upgrade product page (we will use your shopping cart for all payments)

    • Summit Video Replay Hub page

    • Social Media Event and Speaker Banners (LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook)

337651986_3338785353102882_3223145696809507781_n (1).png

Summit Investment

Invest Now!

The Ultimate Brand Summit Package

  • Includes the Brand Speaker Summit Launcher

    • Speaker Selection (15 to 40)​

  • Include CoHost Summit Support​ (value $8000)

    • Up to five (5) CoHosts

    • CoHosts will meet with each speaker for an initial topic interview​

    • CoHosts will schedule actual speaker interviews (30-minutes max)

  • Summit Paperback and EBook​ (value $12K)

    • All interviews will be transcribed and edited for book publication​

    • Book design (exterior and interior)

    • LCC Number (allows the book to be sold in bookstores)

    • ISBN number

    • Ebook conversion 

    • Best-seller Campaign

    • Global Distribution

    • 100% royalties to Host (only)

  • Speaker Summit Kit​

    • All speaker interviews will be transcribed, edited, and converted into an ebook​ (not published on distribution platforms)

    • Ebook will be converted into a PDF to use as a Lead Magnet or a brand product for sale. 

    • Ebook will also be uploaded onto the PHSA Magazine platform and converted into a "flippable" book to be embedded onto the speaker's website

      • Additional speaker brand pictures will be required (3)​

      • The flippable book allows for 3 to 5 social media post images

    • 1-Speaker Reel from their interview (2 to 5 minutes max)

    • Five (5) social media Speaker Reels (15 to 50 secs max)


Summit Investment

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